Always store leather sandals in a cool, dry place to prevent mould, which can damage the leather material and cause an unpleasant smell. It is best to keep leather sandals away from direct sunlight or heat sources, as excessive heat or exposure to sunlight can also damage the leather and cause it to dry out or crack.

In addition, it is important to store leather sandals in a breathable storage container or bag, as this will help to prevent moisture build-up and protect them from dust and dirt.

Caring for leather sandals and flip-flops from our offer is very simple. Just wipe off dust with a dry cloth and any dirt with a slightly dampened cloth. In case of getting wet, let the shoes dry freely (not in direct sunlight). Do not use any creams or other shoe cleaning products for cleaning!

By following these simple storage tips, you can help ensure that your leather sandals stay in top condition and last for seasons.

We at Μ will pack each pair of leather sandals with a breathable cotton bag in which you can safely store them to keep them happy for years to come.