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Zakros: Indulge in Luxury and ComfortAre you looking for luxurious women's sandals that are both comfortable and stylish? Then Zakros sandals are the perfect choice for you. These low-cut sandals in a beautiful green and silver color are made from high-quality leather in a family workshop in Greece...
Zakros leather sandals: black elegance with a touch of traditionLooking for timeless and comfortable sandals that will add pizzazz to your summer outfit? The Zakros sandals in black are just the thing for you!Elegant design:One strap around the ankle and two straps across the toes create a minimalis..
Are you looking for comfortable and stylish sandals for the summer?Then the Zakros Natural Women's Leather Sandals are the right choice for you! These handmade sandals are made from high-quality natural leather that is soft and comfortable to wear.The elegant design of the Zakros sandals will comple..
Let yourself be tempted by a flight in Sparti sandals!Imagine the warm sun on your face, the breeze in your hair, and your feet in the stunning Sparti sandals, walking lightly toward summer adventure.What's the secret behind Sparti sandals?High-quality real leather that gently wraps around your feet..
Looking for comfortable and stylish sandals for the summer? The Nemea women's leather sandals in iridescent blue will bring a piece of Greece right into your wardrobe and become your favourite summer companion.Catching the sun's rays as well as classic light, they sparkle beautifully and will ensure..
Timeless elegance and comfort rolled into oneLooking for a pair of sandals that are stylish, comfortable, and will last for years? Our women's Pelagia leather sandals in black are made from real cowhide leather for durability and breathability.For every occasionPelagia sandals are versatile and time..
Looking for timeless and comfortable sandals that will complete your every outfit? Dilos sandals in natural colour are the right choice!Elegant design inspired by antiquityThese sandals feature a minimalist design with one full strap across the toes and a lace-up closure in the style of Ancient Gree..
Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of sandals for the summer?Then our Women's Pelagia Leather Sandals in White are the perfect choice for you! These sandals are made from soft, high-quality leather that molds to your foot for maximum daily comfort.The elegant white design will comple..
Reach out in style - Women's leather handbag KEA in elegant blackOriginal design and quality workmanshipThe KEA women's leather handbag is an elegant accessory that catches the eye at first glance. Its original design and quality workmanship make it the ideal choice for all women who want to be diff..
A unique handbag for a unique woman.The Tinos handbag is a true treasure. It is made from high-quality olive wood, known for its strength, durability, and beautiful grain. The handbag is handmade, so it is unique and no two will ever be the same.Size and shape of the handbagThe handbag measures 22.5..
An exceptional handbag that can be worn in 3 ways.This elegant real leather handbag is the perfect accessory for every woman. Moreover, it can be worn in 3 ways: as a crossbody handbag, as a waist bag, or in the hand as an envelope handbag.CrossbodyThe TOLO 3in1 leather handbag has a detachable stra..
An extraordinary handbag for every woman.The TOLO 3in1 women's leather handbag is exceptional because it can be worn in 3 different ways:as a crossbody bag - thanks to the long detachable strapas a waist bag - with a detachable strap that passes through a loop at the back of the bagin your hand as a..
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