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Dilos: Timeless Cream Leather Sandals Inspired by Ancient GreeceLooking for the perfect leather sandals to complete your summer wardrobe and reflect your unique beauty? Then look no further than Dilos sandals from our family workshop on a Greek island. These women's leather sandals in a beautiful cr..
Emerald Tripoli Sandals: Experience the Luxury and Freshness of Summer with Every StepForget about ordinary sandals! Indulge your feet in luxury and comfort with the Emerald Tripoli women's sandals. These handcrafted summer sandals from our family workshop in Greece are made from the finest leather ..
Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Lyttos Summer Sandals!Embrace the summer in full bloom with Lyttos, handcrafted sandals from a family-run workshop on the Greek island. Let yourself be carried away by the comfort and style that each pair embodies. Made from the finest leather and lovingly designed, L..
Zakros leather sandals: black elegance with a touch of traditionLooking for timeless and comfortable sandals that will add pizzazz to your summer outfit? The Zakros sandals in black are just the thing for you!Elegant design:One strap around the ankle and two straps across the toes create a minimalis..
PELAGIA leather sandals - black PELAGIA leather sandals - black
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Timeless elegance and comfort rolled into oneLooking for a pair of sandals that are stylish, comfortable, and will last for years? Our women's Pelagia leather sandals in black are made from real cowhide leather for durability and breathability.For every occasionPelagia sandals are versatile and time..
64.00€ 71.00€
Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of sandals for the summer?Then our Women's Pelagia Leather Sandals in White are the perfect choice for you! These sandals are made from soft, high-quality leather that molds to your foot for maximum daily comfort.The elegant white design will comple..
Elegant and comfortable Samaria women's leather sandals in a captivating dark green color. They are an excellent companion for your summer adventures, relaxing moments on the beach, or strolls through the city.These women's leather sandals are crafted from high-quality leather, which ensures not onl..
Patmos leather sandals in a coral color will add elegance and style to your outfit.They fit beautifully on the foot and are very comfortable. They are suitable for everyday wear and for festive occasions.Patmos sandals in a coral color will make you look elegant and sensual at the same time. ..
47.00€ 52.00€
Paros leather sandals in royal blue color are stylish and comfortable for everyday wear. They are one of the most classic and timeless choices for a woman, as they can be worn for any occasion. Whether you wear them to the office or for an evening stroll, Paros flip flops will become your favouri..
59.00€ 66.00€
FAISTOS leather sandals - black color FAISTOS leather sandals - black color
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Go back in time to ancient Greece.Faistos leather sandals in black color combine the aesthetics and quality for all occasions. Simplicity and thoughtfulness will make you the queen of the night.The luxurious handmade sandals lie in the fact that they have high durability and special style..
59.00€ 68.00€
MYRTOS leather slippers are at first glance reminiscent of a wonderful summer on the island. Do you have a supply of high-heeled shoes waiting for your opportunity this summer? Put them down for now and experience new adventures in comfortable MYRTOS slippers.Thoughtful style and color combinatio..
55.00€ 61.00€
Pelagia leather sandals in pink color are a combination of elegance and comfort in one shoe.These sandals are the perfect choice to complement your wardrobe and create the perfect style. Thanks to their minimalist design, you can wear them from morning to evening, whether at work or on your daily..
58.00€ 65.00€
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