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Leather envelope handbags | Your new favourite accessory

Leather hand-stitched women's leaf handbags in different colours

MARAKI Leather envelope handbags- Elegance and Functionality in One

The history of envelope handbags dates back to ancient times when elegance and practicality came together in one perfect whole. The name "envelope handbag" comes from the shape and size of the handbag, which resembles an envelope - thin, compact, and easy to carry. In the past, envelope handbags were mainly used to carry letters and other trinkets, and their practicality and style made them an iconic accessory for every lady.

Advantages of leather

Our leather envelope handbags are made from high-quality leather that stands out for its durability, softness, and natural sheen. Leather can naturally conform to shape, ensuring that each handbag becomes a unique piece. In addition, leather is a material that acquires a patina with time, giving the handbag even more elegance and character.

Why choose an envelope handbag

An envelope handbag is an ideal choice for women who are looking for a combination of style and practicality. Its compactness makes it ideal for evening events where you only need to carry the essentials. It is lightweight, elegant and perfectly complements any outfit - from casual to formal. What's more, MARAKI envelope handbags are designed to meet all your needs while accentuating your unique style.

Ro Collection: Elegance and Variety

The Ro collection is synonymous with elegance and practicality. These envelope handbags feature a small strap that you can hold in your hand or detach, making the handbag even more versatile. The handbags from the Ro collection are available in a variety of colours - from classic black and brown, to bold red and refreshing turquoise.

These handbags are ideal for formal occasions such as parties, weddings, or work meetings. A black or brown handbag will perfectly complement an elegant costume or evening dress. Red and turquoise, on the other hand, are a great way to add a dash of colour and boldness to your outfit. Pair it with leather sandals and you have the perfect summer look.

Tolo and Dia 3in1 collections: minimalism in a stylish package

For those of you who prefer a minimalist style, we offer the 3in1 Tolo and Dia collections. These mini handbags are designed to hold only the essentials - your cell phone, keys, and a few small essentials. They're ideal for parties where you don't need a large handbag but want to look stylish and chic.

Tolo and Dia handbags are the perfect complement to simple yet bold outfits. They go great with a summer dress, jeans and a t-shirt, or even with leather sandals for an evening stroll through the city. Their compactness and lightness allow you to dance and have fun without worrying about the handbag restricting you.

Stylish combinations for every occasion

Formal outfit:

A black envelope handbag from the Ro collection, an elegant dress, Zakros sandals and fine jewelry. This outfit is perfect for business meetings or evening events.

Casual summer look:

Turquoise handbag from the Ro collection, white summer dress, Dilos leather sandals or Pelagia sandals and a straw hat. The perfect combination for a summer holiday or a weekend getaway.

Party outfit:

Tolo mini handbag, red dress, Faistos sandals inspired by Ancient Greece and statement earrings. A great choice for a party where you want to impress with your style.

Urban chic:

Brown handbag from the Ro collection, jeans, white T-shirt, leather Mades sandals and sunglasses. Perfect for a stroll around town or a coffee with friends.

Our leather envelope handbags are more than just a fashion accessory - they are an expression of your style and elegance. Choose the right one for you and experience the feeling of luxury and quality that only the MARAKI brand can offer.

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